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We perform all your plumbing needs: From full home re-pipes, installing mainlines, repairing broken pipes and slab leaks with your top quality material and custom requests such as relocation of fixtures in your home. Warranties are provided for all projects, unless specified otherwise. We offer FREE safety checks and assessments of your plumbing issues within a 25 mile radius of our main location in Huntington Beach.  


Located in Huntington Beach, CA, we service all of Orange County, CA and some areas of Los Angeles County, CA and Riverside County, CA. 
License #1016729; Bonded and Insured


Any new plumbing installs and remodels. Upgrading old plumbing to new. Offer full home remodels. Free Estimates provided, Unless any labor to inspect the home is performed, such as inspected underneath home for raised foundation.  


We perform all preventative maintenance and services such as clogged drains, water-heater replacement, upgrade faucets, toilets, sinks and showers and more. Get your plumbing done in a clean and timely manner.  


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  • Christina P.
    Huntinton Beach, CA
    I wish I knew Jeremy existed when I bought my house eight years ago ... I probably would have saved quite a bit money on my remodeling and never would have gotten a bad impression on plumbers in general. 

    My husband has called on him for help on both our home and business and he's always prompt, courteous and fixes the issue real quick. He's very fair with his pricing and on a more recent case when I called him over to what I thought was a major leak at my parents' house? He was honest and told me that it was something else and not a plumbing leak issue and didn't charge me for the visit out. He even told me, he knew from just feeling the area that it wasn't a leak and clearly told me he didn't want to poke around and expose what could essentially be the problem. Super honest. I wish I could find an electrician as trusting.
  • Teresa G.
    Huntington Beach, CA
    I had no hot water they were very professional explained the different things it could be and did a thorough check i would definitely use them again!!!!!
  • Dan R.
    Seal Beach, CA
    Jeremy is seriously good at his job.  He has an overall understanding of the plumbing concepts, and the experience, which allow him to see and quickly evaluate the plumbing issue, and address the respective fix.  The water was slowly draining on my 2nd floor sink, and since I know enough to be dangerous, I checked the trap, but it was clean.  I was now thinking that the problem might be in the air vent on the roof, but I never got around to going up and check for blockage.  Well the problem turned out to be a simple fix, but it took Jeremy's knowledge and experience to identify said fix.  For my future plumbing needs, I'll definitely call Jeremy.
  • Lori A.
    Orange, CA
    Updated 01/19/2017
    Unfortunately another plumbing issue necessitated calling Rob N Hood. My 18 year old water heater died, RIP. Called and left a VM, I received a prompt call back. Formal written quote was emailed to me with options to supply my own hot water heater or purchase from them. Jeremy was on time and the Install was completed promptly - per original estimated price.  Having an old house kind of sucks since things seem to constantly need repair, but having an honest company you can trust makes things like this a lot less stressful, time for a hot shower :)


    Sometimes I'm skeptical of 5 Star reviews. In this case, it's exactly what is deserved. Had an excellent experience, albeit I just had a stopped up (slow) drain. You never know what's going to happen and minor things will get turned into $1000s in repairs by a dishonest company. 

    Jeremy was wonderful. Took care of business quickly, but didn't rush. Explained things to me in detail.  Wouldn't hesitate to recommend their services. Honest, affordable, clean and on time.  

    I hope I don't need plumbing services anytime soon, but if I do - there's no question who I would call or refer friends and family to. Thank you!!


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