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Our commitment to making your realty experience the best imaginable means that we’ll always give you more than the other guys. We put the customer first.

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We specialize is Service and repair to plumbing fixtures in the home,drain cleaning and New Home Construction/Remodels. We provide FREE 30 minute safety checks and assessments for properties within a 25 mile radius of our location. If the safety check includes work being performed or exceeds 30 minute then there will be a charge. Charge depends on the work being performed. If no labor is performed but the check exceeds 30 minutes, then we will charge a service fee. We Are A Company Serving People In Need Of Honest & Reliable Service With An Affordable Rate. Rob-N-Hood Plumbing Is Here For People In Need Of Plumbing Service… Feel free to contact us Via email, text or phone. We will respond in a timely manner and help you with any of your plumbing needs


Established in 2012.

Prices for plumbing services have skyrocketed and with most plumbing companies, you do not know what you are paying for and thus end up paying more money for something you may not have even needed. Rob-N-Hood Plumbing prides itself in being a company that is all about the customers needs. We want to ensure that every customer is provided an honest and reliable service that does not leave a big hole in your pocket. We walk you through every step to ensure that you know what is being done and how much you are being charged; no hidden fees. Our company is about providing an honest and reliable service to ensure you come out of the experience happy rather than stressed. Enjoy our special offers and feel free to call anytime for quotes, questions,

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Jeremy Morgan L.

Rob-N-Hood Plumbing was created due to an industry that has lacked honest and reliable services to people in need. With 14 years of experience in the plumbing industry, i have the knowledge and capacity to create a plumbing company that backs its own name by providing a service that stays to true to its word. We match our competitors services but provide it in a more honest and affordable fashion. We value our customers satisfaction and strive to provide them with the same, if not better quality work that they would receive from a more commercial company but at a more affordable price.

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(714) 654-8199